Transitional Phases

Transition Phases

It is inevitable whilst journeying out of the Covid-19 that we will face multiple transition phases.  Many people will need to learn to trust life again, many will want to resume the life they had, others will not want to go back to how things were.  Collectively there has been a sense of global bereavement echoed by overwhelming waves of anger, despair, fear and disbelief.   One thing is for sure, these transition phases symbolise the birth of a major paradigm shift.  This shift presents a re-evaluation of our intrinsic values. Walking in nature has become an essential ingredient for staying healthy and positive and the value of ego-centric based pursuits have been greatly exposed for the limited value they have during crisis.  There has never been a greater need for coaching to assist individuals and groups through the transitional phases of isolation, confusion anxiety and uncertainty to a new equilibrium of healing, confidence, trust and meaning.

Transition Phases: The Healing Process

In mindfulness based coaching there is huge focus on the transition phases of healing, in relation to the healing symbols that arise during the self-observation. Jungian psychology emphasises the importance of symbolism as a guide to healing the psyche.  Colours, images, archetypal patterns and dreams present deeper and hidden meanings, rather like puzzle. This transition phases starts with a spirit of readiness and openness to explore what is coming up. This requires a willingness to accept personal responsibility for yourself, with courage to own what belongs to you.  This transition phase typifies a time of deep engagement with oneself and a growing realisation of letting go.  Through the mindfulness based life coaching this transition phase opens the door to letting go of the old and making way for the new, releasing limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns in order to receive positive affirmations and self love. The mindfulness based life coaching cards offers symbolism to aid the process of the transition phases.

Transition Phases: Trusting the Process

Trusting in life can be one of the most challenging phases of the transition, particularly for individuals who are largely self-reliant and need to be in control of every aspect of their life.  To regain trust after a major life event is also associated with letting go, but this about letting go of the ego-centric part of you that seeks to remain separate as opposed to being interconnected with life itself.

This egoic state of mind is in danger of viewing life as something that can work against you, rather than work within you and with you. In mindfulness based life coaching this is where you can learn how to flow with life rather than resist it. Resistance is associated with wanting to hold on to something familiar, it is rooted in anxiety about the unknown and change, it is risk adverse. The goal setting stage of mindfulness based life coaching encourages a gentle induction to the levels of personal transformation, allowing trust to unfold at each transitional stage.  Some individuals make quantum leaps, others evolve more slowly as they enjoy the journey of merging with the flow of life and allowing life to guide.  In the words of Confucius …’’tomove a mountain requires carrying away the small stones.’’    

This is a similar process of dissolving the ego part of you that creates mistrust.  It starts with removing the blocks of mistrust that has evolved into a mountain. The first step comes with trusting your intuition, another transitional phase that sets you on a new evolutional path. Intuition is always there, many describe it as a gut feeling or heart felt sensation.  It is easy to ignore intuition, or to allow it to become overshadowed by the desires of the ego.  Mindfulness based life coaching provides you with the legitimate space to explore your own intuition at each stage of your evolving self and manifestation of life goals.


Transition Phase: Confidence

The combination of trust and healing cultivates the confidence in moving forward.  This requires cutting through the barricades of fear and understanding how these incurred. The only person responsible the barricades is you, so you  and only you can remove them.  Allowing fear to bully and control you is where the barricades begin, keeping you imprisoned within your mind and body.  The best way to tackle fear is to face it, knowing that it can be transformed into courage and recognising that personal growth and fulfillment is not about being perfect, its about being true to your authentic self.  If you want to develop your courage the best thing to do is to hang out with inspiring individuals.  This is the impetus for mindfulness based life coaching, to find your own inspiration that infuses your sense of courage and confidence.    Your measure of confidence at the start is not important, but there has to be a motivational driver for you to embrace change. This usually comes with a recognition that your life is lacking something, a feeling of stagnation or lack of direction are often the indicators of this. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of aliveness that comes with moments of freeness, passion and love and connection.  Often being stuck and lost is a sign that you are feeling inhibited to move forward and the sense of aliveness is lost.   The energy of this is heavy and dense, moving through this is the key.  When moving through something there is a definitive sense of coming out of it, as opposed to getting pulled down with it.  This is a time for looking upwards at the bountiful universe and allowing a shift to occur. The higher self always knows what needs to happen.