Mindfulness Life Coaching Course

Mindfulness Life Coaching Course with Jenny

Accredited by The International  Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring 


''Life Coaching is My Passion, Mindfulness is My Life.  Together They Are Powerful Agents of Change.''

Spreading Love and Wisdom is My Life Purpose, it is Encoded Within My Spiritual Name and I am Inspired to Help You Discover Yours.

Next Courses: October 2022; January 2023; October 2023

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How would feel if you could live the abundant and exceptionally successful and fulfilling life that you deserve to live, do you believe this is possible? Because it is and that's what this course is all about. This is no ordinary course, it goes above and beyond that, moving into the higher realms of being. 

If you have landed here, I am guessing you are seeking something deep, meaningful and life changing. This course attracts individuals who are ready to step out of fear into the light, to go on the hero's journey and to make the quantum leap to be everything that you dreamed of being.  Why not come and join me on this sacred and intimate journey, where you can transform your life, develop authentic relationships with yourself and others, become your own best friend and coach: and to simply fall in love with the exceptional person you are. 

What is Life Coaching 

Life Coaching is a change based, goal orientated and future focused method for transforming elements of one's life that bring greater fulfilment and happiness. It is about taking control and reclaiming one's power in mastering success in aspects of lifestyle, well-being, career, relationships and personal pursuits.

What is Mindfulness Life Coaching 

Mindfulness Life Coaching covers all of the above elements of traditional life coaching alongside the additional benefits of a unique model that offers a deeper level of personal transformation through mindfulness and a range of other modalities. This approach offers a gateway to the undiscovered self, for achieving long lasting happiness, personal growth, well-being and direction in alignment with one's authentic sense of being. MLC encourages integration of mind, body and spirit for wholeness and greater conscious awareness. It equips you with powerful elements of nature and ancient wisdom with many other techniques to work more creatively and intuitively with individuals and to successfully coach yourself.

The role of a MLC is to cultivate an environment that enables the client to consciously observe and re-shape their life,  through the process of awakening the exceptional higher self. This process focuses on healing and shifting limiting beliefs in place of new positive habits, resolutions and intentions that attract a more meaningful, purposeful and flourishing life.

This training offers a wonderful prospect of a dual qualification in life coaching and mindfulness life coaching for anyone who is interested in becoming a formal coach with the acquisition of specialist skills.

About The Mindfulness Life Coaching Course

This transformative, intensive and organically led course takes less than 6 months to complete, but it equips you for the life long journey of your evolving exceptional and infinite self.  Not only does the course train and certify you as a life coach and mindfulness coach to transport others to where they want to be; it develops you as your own spiritual master, as an instrument of love encouraging your own nurturing, healing and personal transformation in accordance with your true life purpose and potential.

The course teaches how to work effectively and professionally as as life coach, practising ethically within a safe holding environment with all the tools that you need to take a client through the process of positive change. You will learn how to work with the exclusive, signature brand model of Mindfulness Life Coaching, which is a powerful method that never fails because it works in perfect attunement with the client's own direction and sense of purpose where they take the lead and you facilitate and support the process with the highly creative and intuitive mindful life coaching toolkit.  On this course you will learn how to work with the mindfulness life coaching cards, using them in many different ways to support the clients journey.  The mindfulness life coaching cards are an incredibly popular tool that clients and trainees simply love using, due to their affirming nature and the additional insight, and direction they bring.  Most importantly you will be using these cards on yourself with other powerful ancient and spiritual practices that bring healing and growth, alongside positive psychology, the law of attraction and self help techniques that all work together in perfect harmony.

The power of this model speaks for itself through the voices of past candidates, many of whom have said that the true power of the Mindfulness Life Coaching model cannot be articulated, one candidate from 2020 said it not only healed emotional and physical pain.

Becoming a Mindfulness Life Coach

Working effectively as a life coach takes more than skill.  It a process that starts with you and your own ability to work from the inside out. Working on your own transformation is integral to your ability to successfully help others to transform.

The Role of Mind - Body - Spirit

Mind, body and spirit are one, so you working with these elements in an integrated way allows every part of your life to fall into place. Mindfulness Life Coaching is designed to awaken your higher self and super conscious mind, enabling you to transform your life and achieve your dreams,  the process of integrates mind, body and spirit for connection with your true life's purpose and authentic flourishing self.  To be fulfilled is to be whole, to be whole is to be healed, this then allows your life to flow more effortlessly in direct alignment with who you are destined to be, living harmoniously and connected with your life.  Understanding how the mind works is critical to your well-being, personal growth and ability to move forward with clarity, intuition and direction.  Spirit is the very essence of you, it is the sacred part of the greater universal and divine matrix that guides your life.  The MLC course teaches you how to attune yourself with these elements for your own personal transformation and to successfully coach others.

Why Mindfulness Life Coaching

To create the life we want requires integration of mind, body and spirit, otherwise known as being present or mindful. This is the reason why mindfulness life coaching is critical in striking the balance between 'doing' and 'being.' Being a doer is simply not enough without the essence of being, because it is the spirit within us (the life force) that shifts, directs and moves us forward.  This model MLC is in invaluable form of self investment, get this right and you will flourish.  Maybe you are currently working on a 1-2-1 basis with clients in another capacity and you want to offer more.  This course attracts holistic therapists and a range of individuals working within the caring/helping profession.  Perhaps you are a yoga teacher or massage therapist and you want to offer more to your clients.  Because of the multi-dimensional and creative nature of this model, It will strengthen what you do already, allowing you to pull all of the threads together into your own tailored model of working.

What to Expect

The MLC courses takes you on an experiential and organic journey to meet with your undiscovered self, heal your life and activate the sacred process to transform your life. Be prepared to face your demons in the most gentle yet profoundly powerful way, to allow the different unknown or disowned parts of you to start communicating.

The Mindfulness Life Coaching Model & Training

Aside from gaining the skills and knowledge of traditional based coaching and classical models of application, you will learn how to use the unique MLC model that combines mindfulness coaching with energy based incorporating, vibrational health, spiritual  ancient wisdom and spiritual development.

The course in general teaches you how to nurture yourself and cultivate self love which is part of the essential process of the healing and transformational journey. It offers you the sacred wisdom from ancient teachings that assist you in transmuting negative energies for a more positive life and assists you in becoming the master of your own destiny, for moving forward and manifesting your dreams 'to simply shift your beliefs to fly high'. It encompasses the practical application of transporting yourself and clients to where you want to be using profoundly powerful yet gentle techniques in Mindfulness Life Coaching.

Training Topics 
  • Soul Psychology
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • The Neuroscience of Coaching
  • Eco - Coaching ( Coaching in nature allowing elemental and higher energies to guide)
  • Working with the Subconscious Mind
  • Working with Spiritual Alchemy and Elements of Change for managing transitions and transforming your life
  • How to develop your intuition
  • How to apply the unique MLC Model to shift yourself and clients
  • Working intuitively and creatively with  the signature brand Mindfulness Life Coaching Cards both personally and with clients for guidance, affirmation and direction
  • Understanding the Basics of Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP) and how it works
  • Working with Symbolism and Archetypal Synthesis
  • Inner Child Work
  • Understanding how to work with addictions and afflictions
  • Developing relationship based practices and working in a heart centred way
  • How to effectively use mindfulness and meditation within your practice to support the client's process of enlightenment and advancement.




Jenny Rowlands is a skilled facilitator. When delivering training sessions she is knowledgeable, skilful and sensitive. She prepares thoroughly and delivers material at an appropriate pace. Jenny is alert to the concerns of the group and picks up on nuances and ‘atmosphere’. She responds to questions and queries especially carefully and clearly values each individual and his/her needs. Jenny has a relaxed yet professional approach. She introduces humour when needed and engenders a supportive and rich learning environment. Overall, Jenny’s experience makes her a facilitator/trainer in whom people have confidence - so we can all relax and know that the session is in the best possible hands!


Senior Lecturer

Prior to attending the sessions with Jenny, I had no experience of coaching so I relied entirely on Jenny’s explanation of the process and the different models in order to understand what I was supposed to be doing. I found Jenny to be clear in her explanations, which she supported with examples and theory. Jenny provided a safe, reflective space in order for me to engage in coaching and the learning process; she is an excellent coach and facilitator who achieves the balance between being approachable and friendly and conducting herself in a professional, experienced manner. Jenny’s passion for coaching is most definitely contagious and I would attend sessions run by her again without a second thought..


Social Worker


I was lucky enough to have Jenny as a tutor for 2 years and she also offered me personal coaching to deal with the multiple demands in my life. Her kind, sensitive, sincere and empathetic approach was the help I required to succeed and helped me progress in my career. I am now a manager and I truly believe that Jenny’s coaching contributed to my success overall and helped me to stay focused.


Hospital Duty Manager and Social Worker