Mindfulness in Coaching

 Mindfulness in Coaching

Mindfulness in Coaching is a marriage of delight.  As one of my course participants put it ‘ the course healed me, my quality of life when from 0-8.’  Can you imagine how this person was feeling?  Well I was there to witness this wonderful transformation of what happens when you integrate mindfulness in coaching.  The classical style of life coaching using is a conversational approach is goal directed and action focused.  However, the cliché of old habits die hard was not created without good reason.  Indeed our habits are a force to be reckoned with and more controlling than resolutions. So where does that leave the coach and client? What often happens is that the coaching conversation induces great enthusiasm for change and the  ‘I can do anything’ mindset leaves the client buzzing on a high note for while.  Hopefully the client would have taken steps towards the agreed change before the next coaching session.  So often however, regardless of how committed a client is, they will often come back to coaching without making any progress.  A coach can be the most optimistic, influential and dynamic person on the planet, yet the client will still have to battle with their demons in between sessions and when the coaching finishes the client is on their own.

Mindfulness in Coaching: The Process

This is why it is absolutely essential for the coach to model the self-coaching element of the process.  This is where Mindfulness in Coaching is incredibly powerful. Having just finished a Mindfulness Coaching session with a client, I have that real sense that the client has an embodied her goal, her energy started with a carrying a heavy rucksack on her bag to a much lighter sense of self in the realisation that ‘not everything has to be achieved now, what is important is the now and what happens now. In the embodiment of the goal the client realised her Ego was taking over her freedom of choice.  It is the Mindfulness in Coaching that brings this self realisation through the use of sensory processes and embodiment.


Mindfulness in Coaching: Energy of the Goal

This is not about fulfilling your goals within a time frame, because the bigger the goal the longer it takes. It is really about being able to stay awake and engaged in the process. That is what happens when the coach mindfully integrates Mindfulness in Coaching, leaving the client with taste of the dream and an energy that matches that dream.  When coaches start with that heaviness there is a much greater need for the coach to assist the client in making the journey feel lighter.

Mindfulness in Coaching: Merging with the Goal

The difference with Mindfulness in Coaching is that it allows a deeper process of engagement, using the mind, body and spirit to merge with the goal so the goal becomes part of the person, part of their being.  When we digest nourishing food properly we really feel satisfied.  Mindfulness in Coaching brings that same sense of a filling oneself with nourishment daily, this is a way of life not a quick fix.

The Mindfulness in Coaching offers many ingredients for embodying the goal.  There are countless tools within the context of mindfulness to embody the essence of our goal.