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I am an Award Winning, Accredited Master Life Coach, Mindfulness, Spiritual and Healing Coach. I have successfully coached and trained many hundreds of individuals and professionals during my career and founded my own signature brand of Life Coach training which is highly suitable for practitioners who wish to work more in-depth and holistically with coaching clients. After years of coaching many individuals and groups, I discovered that working within a multi-sensory way was exponentially more effective on every level, particularly for client’s who were open to the experience of facing their demons and meeting their undiscovered and authentic self.

Jenny Rowlands Life Coach Winner 2020/21

Jenny Rowlands Life Coach Winner 2020/21

What is Life Coaching?

Essentially Life coaching is all about mastery; navigating your ability to master your own destiny, making your dreams a reality. It is a process of deep and meaningful learning and development that takes you forward in your life, bringing your goals and future aspirations into clearer focus. The process is always goal directed and driven by your wishes and desires for moving forward with an emphasis on manifesting the life you wish to create. I have the greatest respect and confidence in the Mindfulness Life Coaching model because it has so many benefits in comparison to basic conversational approaches in coaching, that so often barely touch the surface and are easily thwarted for so many reasons.

Mindfulness Life Coaching

Mindfulness Life Coaching works from the inside out. In addition to the above, it encourages, self realisation, healing, transformation and personal power for creating new ways of being, releasing energy blocks and reshaping the present for moving forward with ease, clarity and confidence. This mindful and psycho-spiritual approach is a multi modal, holistic method for illuminating your higher self and super-conscious mind for positivity, wholeness, well-being and personal growth. The entire process is about working with different states of consciousness through mindfulness techniques in a gentle yet profoundly effective way to cultivate your purpose in accordance with your highest potential.

Life Coaching Model and Mindfulness Coaching Approach.

I work at a deeply intuitive, integrative and creative level applying a range of techniques, for shifting old patterns and blocks that stand in the way of your success, wellbeing and happiness. During the sessions I use my very own brand of signature MLC cards that carry a warm, affirming and loving vibrational energy alongside my unique model of coaching that supports the activation of your higher self and energy alignment for attracting more of what you want in your life.

Every client is unique therefore my work is attuned to your needs, creating space for your organic journey to unfold in the most beneficial and authentic way for you.

Personal Discovery and Guidance

This is My Very Own Brand that Supports Personal Discovery and Guidance From The Elemental and Divine Energies of the Universe.

The MCL is my own signature brand model that incorporates my life’s work, my evolution as a spiritual teacher, healer and light-worker alongside insights from my personal and professional training, from social worker, to teacher, to psycho-spiritual therapist, life coach, reiki master, yoga teacher and body work counsellor.

My Journey as a Mindfulness Life Coach

On the whole I have been able to manifest many wonderful things into my life, I developed this insight from an early age, but there are many things there were outside of my control such as death. The Mindfulness Life Coaching model healed and transformed my life after several traumatic major life events that had a devastating impact on my well-being and my ability to move forward. The Mindfulness Life Coaching Model had brought about an awakening that completely changed my life and my direction, taking me to a whole new dimension of consciousness, to a place of inner fulfilment, renewal and continuous growth, self love and love of life.

My Philosophy on Life Coaching

The purpose of life is to be happy and to help one another. I do what I do because of my own powerful transformational journey, following trauma and loss. What I do comes from the heart, it is heart centred coaching, not purely skills based but bringing an energy of commitment, spirit and passion to your journey. I enjoy being part of your process in creating the life that you deserve. I have learnt that there is nothing more rewarding than having a dedicated coach to support one's life path.


Jenny Rowlands is a skilled facilitator. When delivering training sessions she is knowledgeable, skilful and sensitive. She prepares thoroughly and delivers material at an appropriate pace. Jenny is alert to the concerns of the group and picks up on nuances and ‘atmosphere’. She responds to questions and queries especially carefully and clearly values each individual and his/her needs. Jenny has a relaxed yet professional approach. She introduces humour when needed and engenders a supportive and rich learning environment. Overall, Jenny’s experience makes her a facilitator/trainer in whom people have confidence - so we can all relax and know that the session is in the best possible hands!


Senior Lecturer

Prior to attending the sessions with Jenny, I had no experience of coaching so I relied entirely on Jenny’s explanation of the process and the different models in order to understand what I was supposed to be doing. I found Jenny to be clear in her explanations, which she supported with examples and theory. Jenny provided a safe, reflective space in order for me to engage in coaching and the learning process; she is an excellent coach and facilitator who achieves the balance between being approachable and friendly and conducting herself in a professional, experienced manner. Jenny’s passion for coaching is most definitely contagious and I would attend sessions run by her again without a second thought..


Social Worker


I was lucky enough to have Jenny as a tutor for 2 years and she also offered me personal coaching to deal with the multiple demands in my life. Her kind, sensitive, sincere and empathetic approach was the help I required to succeed and helped me progress in my career. I am now a manager and I truly believe that Jenny’s coaching contributed to my success overall and helped me to stay focused.


Hospital Duty Manager and Social Worker

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