Goals in Life

Goals in life: A Human Need

What are your goals in life? Some people may not have any, some people have told me they don’t feel the need to set goals.  Yet the human brain is designed for goal setting and future planning and it loves to achieve goals.  The sense of fulfilment we acquire after achieving a goal increases Dopamine and that in turn creates a sense of purpose and confidence, reinforcing those positive beliefs.    There is plenty of evidence from neuroscience that humans simply need goals in life.

Goals in Life: The Power of Words

The word ‘Manifestation’ is more strongly associated with the law of attraction than with conventional life coaching that focuses on goals in life.  Words like ‘goals’ and ‘performance’ are inclined to be used more frequently, sitting well within the conceptual ideology of the GROW model.  Neuro –Linguistic Programming and positive psychology acknowledges the power of our language systems, for it is the belief in which the words carry that hold the power.

Goals in Life: The Energy of Language

When it comes to achieving my goals in life, I am totally comfortable with the word manifestation and the more I use it the more powerful it appears to be.  It certainly carries a lot of power for me when used in conjunction with the word ‘goal’ or ‘dream.’  I feel a very different vibrational energy when using the word manifest. Yoga teachers will understand this when using mantra to evoke spiritual energy.

Goals in life: know What You Want.

As a child I discovered the power of energy and manifestation, the trouble was I pretty naive in knowing what was good for me.  The old cliché’ be careful what you wish for is paramount here. The story of Aladdin alerts us to this lesson that wishes can easily become curses.

The caveat here is to know what you want and why, with a clear idea of what that looks like, feels like and tastes like in reality. This is about become specific in your goals in life, something a life coach will help you with.  It’s all well and good to practice manifestation techniques but with every dream there is or a sacrifice to make.  For example if you want to be famous, there is a price to pay for this, perhaps the violation of one’s privacy. So not only is it essential to know yourself inside out, but to know where the desire it coming from and the feelings and emotions around your goals in life.  Client’s often come to coaching with a desire for materialism and by the end of the session they realise this is not what they are reaching for.

Goals in Life: The Authentic Self.

Mindfulness based coaching not only explores your goals in life, it deepens awareness of authenticity, because the ego can easily convince you that the extrinsic goals are more important; yet the authentic self knows the truth.  Mindfulness based coaching examines more fully the ego part of the self against the authentic self.

Experiences that bring joy, tranquility and love deeply resonate with the authentic self.  This is what we call the quality of life. The goal or dream may involve a new career and more money, but the intrinsic motivation is the key to true lasting happiness.  What is the purpose of having more money and how will it add value to your life? This is the question.  If money is the key driver then there is bound to be a wake up call to have.  I certainly discovered this when I craved a high-powered job, which came at a high price of burn out and I had little quality time to appreciate the money.  In fact I spent more money to compensate for how hard I worked.  Again the key to all this is mindfulness based coaching.


Goals in Life: The Role of Spirit

With mindfulness based coaching there is an integral inner process of engaging mind, body and spirit.  It is the spirit of the goal that tells us a lot about can be so easy to forget about the role that spirit plays in all this.  Perhaps the dream goal is to write a book.  It is of course the mind that needs to work here along with the physical body, but there is an even stronger role  for spirit.  We can connect with the writing spirit in the same way that we connect when we are aiming to manifest something into being.  Manifestation requires a spirit of belief.  So what is it that needs to be manifested is it the book or is it the writing spirit within you ? I know what I would say. I will leave that one with you.