Psychotherapeutic Integrative Therapy


Hello.... a very warm welcome to my counselling page.

I am qualified and registered Integrative Therapist (MBACP) and Body Work Counsellor 



Psychotherapeutic Counselling with Me

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”



About Me

I have over 30 years of experience in working with individuals, families and groups, with extensive training and experience in trauma focused therapies;   bereavement counselling, mindful therapy and emotion focused coaching. 


I specialise in working with relational and developmental trauma, coersive control, domestic abuse, complex grief and a number of chronic life issues, such as loneliness, anxiety or low self esteem or other difficult situtations   that are impacting your health, well-being and daily living. 


Whatever you have been through I am here to walk this journey with you, step  by step at your own pace and appropriate level of intensity.  My own lived experience meant that I entered my own therapy at 15 years of age, due to being engulfed by loneliness and hopelessness.  Without this support, I would not be the person I am today, with the personal resources, insight, empathy and critical life skills, alongside a meaningful and purpose. 

Talking Therapy (My Approach)

As a qualified integrative therapist with prior foundation training in integrative psychotherapy, I am able to draw from a range of therapeutic models and techniques in direct response to your preference and needs.  I work intuitively and creatively based on the interactive and interdependent nature of mind and body, enabling a deeper exploration into the sensory and somatic responses and triggers to distressing and complex feelings.

Body Work Counselling

My additional training in body work couselling for trauma offers an alternative process to conventional talking therapy.  The approach known as Amnanda Therapy is rooted in Ayurvedic Medicine and Philosophy offering a blend of gentle touch, special oils, supplements and teas alongside space to express the feelings emotions and memories that arise. The entire process lasts for 1.5 hours and is undertaken once every month for the course of one year.  The cost for this therapy is £100 per monthly session. 

I hope that you find what you are looking for, however, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me directly using the contact form below. I offer 15 -20 minute courtesy calls if you wish to have a brief consultation.


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