About Jenny

My Story - Mindfulness & Meditation Life Coach


"The real journey begins when we stop resisting life and start living it"

My name is Jenny Rowlands; I have been practising mindfulness since a very young age. I founded the Mindfulness Centre for the sole purpose of reaching individuals who are lost, stuck, lonely, suffering from chronic life issues or/and stress, at a crossroads, looking to find one’s purpose and authenticity, or simply wanting to flourish, through achieving one’s dreams and gaining inner fulfilment and mastery over one’s destiny.
I am an Independent Social Worker, Master Life Coach, Leading Trainer, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and Qualified Yoga Teacher. I have also trained in various healing modalities, play based therapies and other complimentary health practices such as Crystal Healing and Ayurvedic Massage Therapy.

I have coached and trained many hundreds of individuals and professionals with increasing inspiration to support individuals to achieve their highest potential. I have an extensive and diverse background within the caring profession, having started my career in mental health social work, before venturing into management, university lecturing and then forming my own thriving business in training and coaching. It was the death of my son aged 4.5 years, following his 2 year battle with cancer that precipitated my path into the caring profession. In 1991 following my son’s death, I co-founded a well established charity in aid of the Royal Marsden to support bereaved parents and families.

Whilst I have gained a lot of insight, skills and knowledge from working within the caring professional, it does not define me as a ‘whole person’ in fact my professional identity has very little to do with my authentic self, the part of me that works with individuals and groups. Despite working across many disciplines I continuously reached the same conclusions, that ‘self care’ and ‘personal growth’ are inextricably linked to well-being, inner healing, person transformation and fulfilment. However, as simple it may sound, these elements are complex to achieve, which is the reason why we observe stress, health issues and other chronic life problems in epidemic proportions.

When you train with me I don’t just lead you to the front door, I help you inside until you are comfortable.

I believe in maintaining connections with candidates on their journey and transition from trainee to practitioner. The opportunity to be part of a wider growing network of mindfulness life coaches, is the essence of my mission.


Jenny Rowlands is a skilled facilitator. When delivering training sessions she is knowledgeable, skilful and sensitive. She prepares thoroughly and delivers material at an appropriate pace. Jenny is alert to the concerns of the group and picks up on nuances and ‘atmosphere’. She responds to questions and queries especially carefully and clearly values each individual and his/her needs. Jenny has a relaxed yet professional approach. She introduces humour when needed and engenders a supportive and rich learning environment. Overall, Jenny’s experience makes her a facilitator/trainer in whom people have confidence - so we can all relax and know that the session is in the best possible hands!


Senior Lecturer

Prior to attending the sessions with Jenny, I had no experience of coaching so I relied entirely on Jenny’s explanation of the process and the different models in order to understand what I was supposed to be doing. I found Jenny to be clear in her explanations, which she supported with examples and theory. Jenny provided a safe, reflective space in order for me to engage in coaching and the learning process; she is an excellent coach and facilitator who achieves the balance between being approachable and friendly and conducting herself in a professional, experienced manner. Jenny’s passion for coaching is most definitely contagious and I would attend sessions run by her again without a second thought..


Social Worker


I was lucky enough to have Jenny as a tutor for 2 years and she also offered me personal coaching to deal with the multiple demands in my life. Her kind, sensitive, sincere and empathetic approach was the help I required to succeed and helped me progress in my career. I am now a manager and I truly believe that Jenny’s coaching contributed to my success overall and helped me to stay focused.


Hospital Duty Manager and Social Worker